Monday, May 30, 2005

Workers cry out for a better home

By Bassma Al Jandaly, Staff Reporter
Published: 28/5/2005, 08:01 (UAE)

Dubai: We are human beings ... and we need to be given dignity just like other human beings.

This is the refrain of thousands of workers housed in a premises in Sonapur, Al Ghusais. Workers of several companies live in the premises and these are some of the problems they face.

Twenty share one lavatory.Eight workers share a small room.

They have no recreational facilities. There is a landfill close by which kicks up dust.Khan, a worker, said: "After a hard day of toil, we need a good night's rest. We crave healthy air, but our premises is dusty. The atmosphere is unhealthy.

"Many workers told Gulf News that the roads leading to their premises are also dusty.The roads must be maintained properly, they said, because many of them have got an allergic cough.Another worker said they need a park to recharge their batteries.

"We are not asking for too much ... we need a small park. We are human. We need a few comforts too."

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