Monday, August 08, 2005

Visit visa likely to cost Dh600 from next month

By Nissar Hoath, Staff Reporter
Published: 9/8/2005, 08:22 (UAE)

Abu Dhabi: The Cabinet has approved the amended fee structures for visit visas, an official said yesterday. Under the new structure, an official of the Abu Dhabi Immigration Department said a visit visa will be issued for three months against a fee of Dh600.

It can be renewed against an additional fee of Dh1,200 for another three months.The official said the fees are likely to be implemented from next month.

The new changes come under the Cabinet decision No 16 for 2005, amending some provisions of decision No 6 of 1994, regarding the amendment and introduction of fees levied for transactions processed by the departments of Naturalisation and Residency and Traffic.The changes will come into force as they are published in the official gazette.

The official also said under the new structures, the stay on visit visa has been increased from 90 days to six months. "A visit visa will be issued for three months with a fee of Dh600, which comes to same earlier amount for a three-month visa.

However, the new change is that now visitors can renew their visas for another three months for another Dh1,200 fee, which means six months of stay," the official told Gulf News.Earlier, a visit visa would cost Dh100 for two months which could be renewed for another month at a cost of Dh500. T

he visitor then had to leave the country after 90 days of their stay and re-enter after obtaining a new visa. Now those who want to stay for more than three months can continuously stay for six months with a total visa cost of Dh1,800. #

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