Thursday, June 02, 2005

Japayuki era coming to an end

May 31, 2005
By Emil Jurado
Manila Standard

TOKYO. This city is truly the most expensive city of the world.

Osaka, another Japanese city, comes close as second most expensive.

Santa Banana, would you believe that even before we reached our hotel at Ginza, the main shopping center of Tokyo, our party of three ?my wife, my daughter, and myself ?had already spent the equivalent of over P14,000 via an airport limousine which took us to the city terminal where we had to take two taxicabs because our luggage could not fit into one.

If you take a cab from Narita International Airport to Tokyo, it would cost you over $100 depending on where your hotel is located. And shopping in Tokyo is a no-no for Filipinos with the dollar at P54.40. My gosh, even coffee here costs as much as $10 to $12 at hotel rates.

You have to look around for coffee shops offering between $2 to $3 per cup. You have to be practical and smart to make your dollar go a long way here, like eating in fast-food chains and along the subways. But, my wife and I have no regrets, Tokyo being our favorite city, where you feel safe and the people are courteous and so friendly.

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