Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nepal keen on UAE labour agreement

By Nissar Hoath and Sunita Menon,
Staff Reporters
Published: 21/6/2005, 06:13 (UAE)

Abu Dhabi/Dubai: The Government of Nepal is looking into the possibility of a labour agreement with the UAE.

"If successful we would considerably eliminate the middlemen," said Madhuban Prasad, Nepalese ambassador to the UAE, yesterday.King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah of Nepal is on his first official visit to the UAE.

Accompanying him are senior officials from the ministries of foreign affairs and justice, Islamic affairs and awqaf. A delegation of 45 prominent members of the Nepalese community had an informal meeting with the king in Abu Dhabi.

Among the several community related issues discussed was the growing demand for Nepalese manpower and the need to increase the number of staff in the embassy in Abu Dhabi.

"The number of Nepalese here has increased considerably in the last eight years. In 1997 we were only a community of 12,000, while present figures are close to 80,000," he said."WWe have signed a labour agreement with countries like Malaysia and Qatar. If possible we would like to do the same with the UAE."This will also give us a say on the minimum wages paid to Nepalese workers.

There are about 450 registered recruitment agencies in the Nepal."

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