Thursday, June 02, 2005

Philippine Embassy Cites Big Role of Community Groups

Jun Adriano Mallare
Arab News
Monday, 30, May, 2005 (21, Rabi` al-Thani, 1426)

RIYADH, 30 May 2005

Seven more new Filipino community organizations have registered with the Philippine Embassy, bringing the total number of accredited community partners or ACPs in the Eastern and Central regions of the Kingdom to 105.

According to the embassy, these groups fall under the broad categories of sports, cultural, professional, and advocacy.Included in the category are associations for basketball, ping pong (table tennis), lawn tennis, 10-pin bowling, golf, chess, martial arts, volleyball, biking and darts.

Cultural groups, probably among the most active, present variety shows inside the embassy compound, featuring songs and dances and modern and classical fashion designs. Toastmasters groups are placed under this category.Under the professional category are the associations of engineers, accountants, nurses, and IT specialists.

Like others, they hold regular meetings designed to enhance their professional growth and opportunities for livelihood or small enterprises,?the embassy said in press statement.Grouped under the Advocacy category are the groups whose avowed mission is to fight for the cause of OFWs. hether the issue involves policy questions or protection of the rights of workers or perceived inadequacies in government action on matters affecting the community, absentee voting, executive issuances or legislation, the advocacy groups are in the midst of it all.

In addition to those listed, there are also individuals who volunteer their services during times of emergency as when terrorists carry out attacks in parts of the capital or other areas. They form part of the Embassy network of volunteers ready to spring into action wherever and whenever needed.hose who are able to generate funds from their projects share some to help distressed OFWs in the form of airfare, food or clothing and medicines,it said.

The embassy said it wanted to mention the ACPs in general to show its appreciation for whatever service or assistance they have been giving to the community. They provide entertainment for Filipino families on many occasions. Sports, which we encourage, contribute to the health of enthusiasts and provide them wholesome outlet during their free time, said the embassy.

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